Best Tips from The_Bawa_And_His_Bike You will Read This Year

As the curtain falls on this year, I thought how can I do to contribute? then an immediate thought that ran across my mind was to share some good tips with anyone and everyone out there. These are tips that could save you all the efforts of searching online on the most basic things for any one who owns or doesn’t own a bike and wants to know about the raw experience from a rider who loves it, lives it and rides it!!

Anyone who owns a bike knows the joy of a ride, it can be a ride to the nearest town or it can be as long as a cross country ride. It becomes very vital to know the Do’s and Don’ts of motorcycle touring as one learns how to go the distance with the machine. So, without further due I give you my tips which I think will be helpful for your future adventures. Good Health, is the first thing that should come to mind when you’re talking about taking motorcycling into consideration. A lot of health tips that supplement motorcycling as a hobby or sometimes even as a career, are a great way to keep your general fitness in check and not to forget your cardiovascular health which is very important like the engine to your bike. Keeping a few of these pointers with you will help you save your life and you can enjoy motorcycling like never before…

WATER and staying hydrated….

The main point to consider when you’re on the bike and travelling long distances is to keep yourself hydrated wherever and whenever possible. During many of my touring, I have come across scenarios wherein you don’t realise how dehydrated you are unless your mouth got completely dry and starts smelling bad under the mask and helmet enclosure. The trick is to first know when to hydrate,many of us don’t know this basic step. Whenever you take a break or a small break because your bums are sore due to continuous riding, you MUST drink water. Here are my tips which I usually follow on a road trip;

1.Carry two bottles of water (1 litre) Keep it at hands distance or keep it within reach is what i wanna say 2. Carry electrolytes i.e. most simple salt (a few pinches wrapped in tissue paper), or carry electral powder or ORS sachets 3. Drink more water in winters as you don’t sweat but that doesn’t mean you aren’t loosing water from your body Drink water after you go to the loo, as you need your water bank to be replenished

EYES and How to Protect them….

Here I would like to just like to say…… 1.Buy a helmet with in-built sun-glasses 2. Alternatively you could have the Visor of the helmet in a shaded colour (optional), I usually prefer the normal transparent one 3. Keeping hydrated also helps in keep the moisture in your eyes consistent….. 1. Buy a helmet with in-built sun-glasses 2. Alternatively you could have the Visor of the helmet in a shaded colour (optional), I usually prefer the normal transparent one 3. Keeping hydrated also helps in keep the moisture in your eyes consistent.

Food and the effects

Lite foods for a safe ride

Whenever I travel, I usually am on a lite diet, like simple foods which my body can digest and if I do take a long halt in between my rides then I switch to complex food but in quantities where I don’t overeat.There is a thin line between eating and over eating, people usually don’t understand and then suffer from problems like; sleeping while riding which is the most primary cause of accidents on the roads.I always order for something lite and substantial such that I don’t fall asleep or even feel sleepy while I ride.

1.Carry fruits or if possible buy fruits such as bananas, oranges if available have fruit juices if you don’t find fruits 2. If you’re a tea person, have tea with biscuits which is the best food on the road 3. If you’re planning to have proper food, then I would suggest order for something substantial preferably which doesn’t include rice.

Luggage and how to pack light…

Every trip requires you to carry luggage. For a bike trip, we bikers usually prefer carrying our luggage via tank bags, saddle bags or tail bags. Luggage usually must be packed according to the length of days you would plan on the road trip. A short trip may range from an overnight trip to maximum around two to three days, which means packing only the necessary things which you would require on the trip.

I usually carry two jeans and a good number of socks, inners and T-shirts, toiletries etc. I would always suggest travel as light as you can as it also contributes to the overall weight of the bike. Adding unnecessary weight could result in problems while manoeuvring the bike as desired. Even whilst I am touring for more than 5 days, I carry a bag pack (small) which has all the usual necessary items such as your bike papers, power bank, action camera cables etc. and a tail bag/haversack tied down on the rear seat with my clothes and water bottles packed. Traveling light always has it’s advantage as you can carry and load your luggage easily…..As this year ends, I wish all of you a very happy new year and hope the tips I have shared help in your future travels.


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