One Statue & A Broken Shoulder

Yeah you read it right….a broken shoulder…😅😅.

Lets us jump back a few weeks earlier when it all began when the guys and I decided we wanted to ride all the way to the newly constructed Statue of Unity, the marvel which is the talk of the town everywhere.

The statue is located in the Narmada valley in Gujarat and is 182 meters high, the tallest in the world at this stage.I’m very passionate about bikes and ride a lot and so to ride 400+ kms one way was like a treat, so the date was decided, 1st Dec 2018 early morning departureI decided to test my new Gopro camera which I had purchased for rides like these, so as the days grew near I started preparing for the journey that lay ahead. Ofcourse, it was trip over the weekend, but it seemed like the trip I always wanted to do since a long time. The last long trip I had, was to Rann of Kutch almost a year back.

Finally the day before the trip, that night I was super excited and had made a check list of the things I need to carry and the things I need to do before I leave the next day. The time was set to meet at 4:30am near Hub mall Goregoan first where me and one of my friends will meet and then we would ride all the way to Mira Road and meet everyone near Fountain Hotel which is like the grand central station for riders going towards Gujarat for their rides. Next day I got up early as usual with all the excitement and got ready, checked everything and made my way down to the bike to load the luggage I was going to carry with me. For the time being I thought I had tied my bag with the bike cover perfectly fine, but half way down the road I had a car come close honking and saying “Hey your luggage is hanging from your bike”, I immediately stopped and just tied it momentarily so as to get to the meeting point. Once I got there, I tried opening and tying the luggage down with rope and tie downs, once secure we were off.

First stop for breakfast at Hotel Ahura, NH -8
Breakfast Stop, Hotel Ahura, NH-8
CCD at Navsari
CCD Navsari, Gujarat

The first stop was at Ahura, which is a Parsi Hotel famous for its tasty Parsi cuisine. We had “akuri” which is Parsi for scrambled eggs with sauté and masalas, some hot tea and bun maska which is signature dish at any Parsi-Irani hotels when having breakfast. With our stomachs full we set off on the journey towards Gujarat. On the road we had many sub stoppages for snacks, refreshments etc. till we managed to reach the hotel we were supposed to stay the night, Hotel Narmada.

Hotel Narmada, Rajpipla, Gujarat

Finally there, we made our way to our rooms, got fresh and without a grain in our stomachs we were back on the road heading to the statue as we had just an hour before the place would close down for the day.

As I took the turn towards our destination, with my GoPro on, I saw the most mesmerising scene on the horizon….picture it! You’re on your bike, viewing the smooth road and there it was, you see the marvel right in front of your eyes. The statue grew clearer as my bike munched the final kms towards it.

Statue emerging from the horizon

The place was grand, we made our way through the queue to enter the place. We reached just in time to see a biiggg line…. I mean really big, it started from one corner and trailed all the way to the lifts that were used to take upto 20 people at a time straight to the viewing gallery.

What a view it was from the viewing gallery, the gallery has good enough space to accommodate the crowd. We could see almost the whole Gujarat, so to speak from that height. After gulping down a few hot thepplas we made our way back to the hotel.

View from the top

Next day, it was a nice cold morning, we cleaned our bikes and warmed our hearts with a nice cup of tea and started our return journey home.

We stopped at a small but very homely little hotel named “Bajrang Hotel”. The owner was very good and humble, fed us almost everything he had in his shop, tasty patra-ni-wadis, bajiyas, miniature sized samosas, jalebis and some real good tea. After a good king sized breakfast we made our way trough the curvy state highways.

It was almost mid day when me and the guys were scaling the winding roads of the state highway, which was previously the main highway leading to Mumbai. Route wasn’t all it all cracked up to be, we had many patches wherein the road was bad, lot of potholes and being a two lane road it wasn’t wide enough.

As the roads started to unwind, we for ourselves entering the oldest part of the highway where the road was just enough to let one car/truck pass. Road had gone thinner ad to add to that we had one white car ahead blocking the way as they were driving unusually slow.

I was the one who was right behind them looking for a gap so that i could pass them, but the winding road wouldn’t let me. In search for a gap, I almost forgot to check for other things….and THERE IT WAS…a slightly miscalculated moment and I went crashing to the other side of the road, slammed into the bushes but hit hard like a bird crashing from the sky and with hard “Thud” I heard my bone break… was simultaneous with the headlamp of my bike which also broke into pieces.

Surprisingly, I got up almost instantly from the crash… friends came rushing to see if may have badly hurt myself. Almost immediately i had my world swirling around me and fell back on my friend who was standing behind me, I came to, and whispered to someone “I think I have broken something, i can’t feel my hand and can’t lift it”, to which at first everyone felt its a blow to the muscles and so I was having this difficulty. It took all five of my friends to lift my bike and put it on the side of the road, the sixth member in our pack wasn’t bike savvy, so YES, I RODE ANOTHER 50KMS TO THE MAIN HIGHWAY WITH MY BROKEN HAND TILL I COULDN’T RIDE ANYMORE.

We parked at a hotel which we had planned to halt for lunch, there I realised i couldn’t go on anymore and had to call in the road side assistance for the bike. To my utmost disgust, I learned the RSA doesn’t “Assist” if your limbs are broken as the bike is still in working/running condition. I mean that was absolutely absurd, wherein the rider is incapable of riding but they keep stressing on the fact that I must either call someone or tell someone to ride the bike, which was impossible in the need of the hour.

After some calls I managed to arrange a towing vehicle on my own and at my own expense. To make it worse I wasn’t the only one who’s bike the towing fellow had to pick up, there was another about 20kms from where I was, we had to make a detour and go into the interiors of some village at the outskirts of Gujarat.

After about three gruelling hours of bad roads and clenching teeth suffering the pain all the way i made it home at midnight after dropping the bike at the service centre.

The next day, i was diagnosed with a broken shoulder, which had broken not into one or two, but FOUR pieces….Lol…I will tell you why that’s funny, it wasn’t the injury that was funny, it was the doctors face when he looked at the x-rays and had a look of surprise as to how can a human be standing so peaceful when his shoulder is broken….

On 6th of Dec I was operated for the shoulder injury and am currently in the recovery phase. It’s been two weeks and I must say, I can’t believe all this happened, so fast and so suddenly. But all in all I am very thankful to my family, my friends and all those who prayed for me to get well, without your prayers and blessings I probably would have been in a worse situation or probably not even be here to write this sitting in front of my laptop.

My advice to you all, ride but responsibly, ride but safely, and always wear your protection gears!

Until next time, will write about another adventure I and my better half had when we decided to go on our honeymoon in the middle of rainy season in Ahmedabad…..stay tuned!


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